Save Thousands of Dollars in Closing Costs When Purchasing

Purchasing a home is an important and major financial decision. It’s a very emotional process that can be stressful. We have developed our business model to reduce stress levels and most importantly, your closing costs! Super Seller and its agents will guide you through the home purchasing process and ensure you make it to the closing table with no surprises!

What is a Home Buyer Rebate?

A home buyer rebate, or commission rebate, is when a real estate agent or broker shares a portion of the fee they collect on a transaction with the buyer.
Buyer rebates and cash rewards — which are similar, but distinct — can save you thousands on your home purchase. And they’re becoming more common throughout the industry.
Commission rebates let agents and brokers help buyers save money on their home purchase without having to negotiate a lower sale price with the seller.
Typically, rebates that come in the form of commission credits require lender approval and are subject to state, local and or broker-specific restrictions and limits.

Super Savings Rebate Program

Our customers/clients will always receive 30% back of our commission when purchasing real estate. This rebate will be reflected on the closing settlement statement as an agent credit. It will reduce the cash needed at closing, resulting in an immediate savings! Take your family on a vacation, instead of paying more in closing costs!

An Overview of the Home Purchasing Process

Our mission isn’t just to save you money when purchasing a home, but also provide expertise. From start to finish, we will guide you through the entire process.